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Faith-based Authentic Living. Social Impact Entrepreneur. Survivor. Artist. Speaker. Founder of the CandShout™️ app. 

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Are you looking for someone to enlighten your audience or community?... My specialties include: Customer Success, Intrapreneurship, Enterprise Software, and Project Management.

I'm available for virtual conferences, keynotes, ted talks, workshops, panels, & webinars.

My work

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Digital Art - Acrylic on Canvas & Oil Paintings

Purchase Digital Prints via my VSUAL Co Shop.

Digital & Acrylic Art Divinely Sourced with Purpose. I am a Self-taught artist inspired to paint in January 2022 while healing from sexual assault. Thanks for your support! Stay updated with me via latoyaleslieart.com

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Business RoadMap w/Free Customer Service Checklist

Comprehensive Customer Service RoadMap for your Business

Customer Success is essential for a thriving business. Uncover better ways to satisfy and retain your customers. The RoadMap contains 50+ essential tips to achieve Customer Success Excellence and a free Business checklist. 

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Social Good Platform for Job Seekers & Socially Responsible Companies

CandShout™️via LESOYA®️, LLC is the first & only social good platform that focuses on amplifying the voices of frustrated job applicants. Support the iFund Women CampaignDemo our App.

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Social Impact Startup

Founded in 2017, LESOYA®️ is a startup solving social problems using innovative technology.

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Phone Number: (732)-596-7060 / Email: hello@latoyaleslie.com

P.O. Box 306 Parlin, NJ 08859

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