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How can we work together?

Thank you for your interest and support! Are you looking for someone to empower your audience or community? I’m a Speaker, Artist, SA Survivor, Tech Founder, and Advocate. I’m passionate about helping others by championing a mindset that encourages faith-based intentional living. Authenticity & Truth motivates me. My specialties include: Customer Success, Intrapreneurship, Enterprise Software, Bootstrapping, Career Pivots, and Project Management. I’m also a SA survivor of technology-facilitated abuse. I’m open to speaking engagements on my experience and healing journey.


 I believe in the infinite abundance of the universe. I resigned from my non-profit job in August 2018. During this difficult time of my life, I learned the power of resiliency. In December 2018, I manifested a six-figure job offer in a field I am passionate about. My Manifestation Guidance session is a transformative experience, as I am sharing the manifestation principles that worked (and continues to) for me.


You can also reserve time with me to get coaching based on the lessons I'm learning while on my Entrepreneurship journey. Each one-on-one session below reflects value-based pricing. My booking services include a FREE consultation. However, the price of the service is custom based on your needs/project. 

I'm interested in partnering with brands and sponsors that align with my values. I support jointly creating sustainable value - contact me to discuss how we can work together. I'm also available for virtual conferences, keynotes, ted talks, workshops, panels, & webinars.

Please contact me prior to booking if you have any questions.


One on one


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