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I'm Latoya

I'm a Jamaican-born woman of faith, tech enthusiast, artist, social impact advocate, sexual-assault survivor, and visionary raised in New Jersey.

I've been involved in Public Health and Advocacy work for over 10 years. My calling to serve in this arena began in 2002. My career in Technology started in 2008. I worked my way up from Call Center support, with the NY Times in 2005, to Enterprise Software support at a leading ATS provider, iCIMS. As a Sr. Technical Support Engineer, I supported HR professionals with the Talent Management lifecycle (pre-and-post hire). The experience I gained in this sector taught me valuable skills in customer relationships, user engagement, training, and education. I eventually transitioned to working with IBM, where I led data-transformation and organization change management initiatives at Settlement Houses in NYC.

In December 2017, I founded LESOYA®️ after discovering in grad school that Social Entrepreneurship was the ideal manifestation of my passion for Service and Technology. My vision for my startup is to support, encourage, and facilitate social good actions using technology for the betterment of humanity. Our first app is CandShout™️, an HR-focused mobile platform for Frustrated Job Applicants and Companies. 

I created my personal website because I understand that there's power in storytelling and intentional relationship-building. I also love problem solving and making an impact. I'm excited to share this journey with you and invite you to engage with me via this site and social media. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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