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Black in FinTech: Digital Product Management w/Steve Coupet

Happy Black History Month! We're back with another episode (wow #8) of the CandShout pod amplifying the voices of job-seekers. Given that unemployment rates are high for PoC, it is important we amplify the voices of leaders in our community. This episode features a discussion with New Yorker Steve Coupet, a Digital Product Management expert and Chef. We are honored to have Steve join as a friend & guest of the show.

Steve Coupet is a Liberal Arts graduate from NYC. He spent almost a decade working IT on Wall Street Trading Floors before resigning to become a full-time chef. In 2020, Steve successfully pivoted back to tech, and is now a Digital Product Manager for the US's largest Investment Bank.

In this episode, Steve shares his tech journey in FinTech, his love for the Culinary Arts, Product Management, and provides guidance on how job seekers can successfully pivot in their careers. We also discuss the following:

  • Career Transitions & Successfully pivoting in Tech

  • Digital/Virtual Conferences & Networking.

  • Tech Certifications & Virtual Learning.

  • Transferrable job skills & Careers in FinTech.

  • Owning Your Story.

If you enjoyed this episode, please remember to follow/like/subscribe/leave a review/comment/share it with your network. You can connect with Steve on instagram @touchef.coupet or via his linkedin.

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