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CandShout MVP Launch

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

We're Live! On Black Friday we officially launched the CandShout App in the Apple App Store! We successfully completed 2-3 days of beta testing, but received rejections from Apple. We were expecting to have CandShout App be available next week. The Universe had other plans.

We are available for FREE download now. Think of us whenever you have feedback to share about the job application process. We also accept anonymous submissions. 😄

For companies, our BI Analytics Dashboard will help you optimize your Pre-hire process, easily access Top-Talent, and allow you to support social causes of your Talent‼️ Contact us for a demo today‼️

We have also updated the CandShout website. Did you know you can?

😱Submit job application feedback aka “A Shout”.

🎙Listen to @thecandshoutpod Podcast

📊Request a demo of our Analytics Dashboard‼️

We completed our pilot soft launch and have already received feedback from 10 job seekers applying to jobs in a variety of industries. 📲Join them today!

CandShout is the Future of Work. We amplify voices of job seekers. CandShout also provides a Net Promoter Score(NPS) to companies based on the strategic feedback of job applicants. We're enabling mid-size and enterprise companies with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility to optimize their pre-hire process.

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