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The Founders Episode - CandShout Podcast

Episode 1: The Founders Episode is now available‼️

🗣Listen Now (Anchor, Spotify, CandShout website, Google Podcasts soon, Apple soon).

I chat with Michael Fouad, Co-Founder of the CandShout App to discuss how we came together and the vision for CandShout.

CandShout is the Future of Work. A social good platform for job seekers and socially responsible companies. The Podcast platform will amplify voices of frustrated job seekers and feature valuable insights from leaders in Talent Acquisition and HR.

Here's what to expect from us:

❇️Job application stories

❇️Job seeker tips & tricks

❇️Job seeker features

❇️HR Leaders & Influencer Features

❇️Virtual Career Fair Resources

❇️Social Impact


For more information on CandShout, visit

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