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"Leveling up" Your Customer Journey

Happy Friday! 🙂...honestly, there’s much more to it than just “leveling up” your Customer Success. I’ve compiled 10+ years of my lessons learned into a “Handbook” for Entrepreneurs. 💎 What's in the Handbook?

💎Business Planning Resources

💎Value Proposition Tips

💎Knowing Your Customer

💎Customer Personas

💎KPI Tips

💎Free Checklist

💎Sample Customer Templates

💎Data Collection tips and More!

Table of Contents
Customer Success Roadmap

In this Roadmap, I also share resources & tips on creating a business model (I luv the business model canvas ), embracing data collection, customer personas and MUCH MORE. 💎 I’m just Paying it forward & doing what I love naturally.

Contact me if you want a free copy of the Business Model Canvas guide. You can get the ebook & free CS Checklist here for only $75. Price won’t change. Thnx. 💎🖤

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