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7 Weeks of Tacklebox is complete.

This week I completed the Tacklebox Accelerator program. 7 weeks went by quickly. The program exceeded my expectations. If you missed my blog post announcing my acceptance, you're probably wondering what is Tacklebox?

The Tacklebox program provides idea-stage founders (with full-time jobs) a framework, network, and system-building tools to validate their idea. Specifically, Tacklebox helps founders prioritize, execute, and build systems that will help them forge a path towards creating a viable business. This framework and support system is critical for founders who may have limited time to work on their idea, but are still committed to making progress prior to full-time Entrepreneurship. I knew immediately that Tacklebox was the right fit for me and the CandShout product.

In 7 weeks, the team at Tacklebox (Brian & Tamara), walked a cohort of 12 founders through the following:

  • Understanding Customers & SOMs

  • Landing Pages & Customer/User Interviews

  • Customer Acquisitions & Channels

  • Feedback Loops

  • Market & Product Strategies

  • Funding

  • Pitching

  • Systems & Metrics

  • Mental Health & Productivity Tips

During the 7 weeks I completed 20+ interviews (and doing more), created a landing page, implemented FB & IG tests, pitched to investors, launched the CandShout podcast, and launched a soft pilot of the CandShout feedback form. DURING A PANDEMIC. Wow. What an experience! I graduated feeling fulfilled and proud of all the work I've done thus far. I'm also grateful for the support of my family, friends, and colleagues.

There's more work to be done. Stay tuned for my monthly newsletter updates on the progress of CandShout. Thanks in advance.

Be well,

Latoya, Founder at LESOYA, LLC.

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