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Authentic Stream of Consciousness

You can’t trick the Universe into thinking you’re making progress, when all you’re doing is stealing/copying/appropriating someone’s style/identity/personality/growth.

Performative authenticity is exploitation. You know it’s disingenuous. And if you don’t, others do. It reveals itself in the impact you have (or don’t have) & your output. I don’t consent to energy leeches. I don’t consent to anyone using my likeness/identity/spirituality/growth for their own gain. I don’t consent to identity appropriation. Know the difference between being Inspired vs Identity jacking.

Becoming a Public figure “overnight” is overwhelming. I don’t look like what I’ve been through. But, me wearing it well does not give anyone a pass to disregard my humanity. Here’s the secret to “not looking like” the inhumane/cruel/vile treatment & abuse I’ve overcome: I DID THE WORK way before the burdens/betrayal/abuse manifested.

I had to learn Grace before I could walk in it & embody it. I had to learn A LOT (on my own) & sometimes with the help of others. This is WHY performative “Anything” will always be exposed for what it is or ain’t, eventually.

with love,


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