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Updated: Jul 2, 2022

My spirit hasn’t moved me yet to publicly address my Sexual Assault: the impact, its life-altering effects, and my recovery journey. However, I’m called to defend myself w.r.t a few things. Though my name has been slandered, I know my character & integrity speaks for itself;the truth does not have an expiration date. I unapologetically know who I am & whose I am. That said, given that it’s Pride month I want to be very clear in stating that I’m an LGBTQ+ Ally. I’m not a Lesbian. I’ve never had an abortion. I’m not a sex-worker.

I have always been passionate about public service & will continue to be an advocate for human rights, the environment, tech equity, social impact, & the advancement of our society. Love who you want to love, stay out of our uterus’, and be kind.

I can also confidently say that my Moral compass is stronger than most. And yes, always bending to the right side of Justice. I thank God for his Divine vindication. I have a few apologies to give, just based on principle. But, I will NOT carry anyone’s burden nor will I hesitate to hold people accountable. My boundaries are stronger, I’ve BEEN doing the work towards being a better Me, and will continue to give myself grace & compassion.

People love to project their fears & insecurities onto people they sense are strong w/Purpose. Gaslighting is rampant on these platforms. I’m not your Projections. With the emergence & popularity of Web3+, I hope people understand that Social Media is Real life. How you interact on here can either uplift or destroy someone.


#reflections #survivors #socialmedia #gratitude #happypride #prochoice

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