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CandShout Pod - Epi9: Workforce Innovation w/myBasePay Founder, Jahn Karsybaev

The CandShout podcast featuring a discussion with Jahn Karsybaev, Co-Founder of myBasePay. Jahn is a Technology Executive, Mentor, Forbes Tech Council Member, Investor, a Harvard Business School alumnus, and host of the Ivy Podcast @ivypodcast. We are honored to feature him as a guest & friend of the show.

In this episode, Jahn shares how he is helping hiring organizations streamline their process with myBasePay, how myBasePay is responding to workforce challenges during COVID, journey to Forbes Tech Council, and Talent Relationship building. We also discuss the following:

  • Solutions for Staffing Agencies

  • Opportunities for Corporate Talent Acquisition Matching

  • Talent Marketplaces

  • Success Factors during Onboarding

  • Work from Home Models & Trends

  • Wellness & Mental Fitness and much more!

myBasePay is a Contingent Workforce platform that puts your Talent first. It provides turnkey solutions for Gig Workers, Staffing Firms and Corporate Talent Acquisition. Learn more at:

Read Jahn's full Executive Profile here:

Listen to Ivy Podcast - a Podcast series about leadership where Jahn interviews Fortune 500 Executives:

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