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CandShout Pilot Launch

We're piloting CandShout™ with a short questionnaire to better understand your experience applying for jobs.

  • Complete our short form (less than 10 minutes) to share your feedback about the job application process.

  • We recommend you respond based on jobs you've applied to in the past year. Of course, we won't limit you.

  • We respect your privacy. Our form includes contact information for questions and data deletion requests. If you haven't already, review the Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • Did we mention you can submit Anonymously? YES, we accept anonymous submissions! What does this mean? Checking the "submit anonymously" option lets us know NOT to share this feedback with the company you applied to.

  • Start sharing your feedback today.

You can also launch the submission form via the CandShout website. We appreciate your support and THANK YOU for sharing your experience with us. You're now officially a CandShouter.

Stay Inspired,

Latoya Leslie

Founder & CEO at LESOYA

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