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Customer Success for Entrepreneurs

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

I feel like every time I get on social media I see a complaint about poor Customer Service in the Entrepreneurship#community. 🤦🏾‍♀️😕

I’ve also experienced bad customer #service from a few vendors (not just black-owned business owners).

My professional career in CS began in 2002. I’ve done customer service at call centers, retail stores, & at enterprise software companies. Good Customer Service is an Art, not a Science. I’ve always said I’m in the “relationship-building” business.

It’s always been about People, Trust, & Value for me‼️

I want to help #Entrepreneurs transform the Customer Service experience their delivering to their customers. So, I’m starting with this 12-item checklist. 🙌🏾

Get yours today here‼️And stay tuned for the #pre-order link for the Comprehensive CS E-Guide. And I’ve made this guide FREE for EVERYONE. 😉 [Update: Get The FULL Guide]

Pre-covid lockdown, I was in Napa, CA where I won the Customer Success Manager of the year. I was totally shocked and super grateful! I've always been passionate & committed about helping clients regardless of who was watching or the accolades. Here's my award:

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