Future Proof Podcast

Happy Monday! Happy to share my first podcast feature with you all. A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Valerie Zaric, host of the Future Proof Podcast. Valerie helps 9-5'ers squash career anxiety. We met on Clubhouse. We talked all things Tech and Social Good.

Listen now to learn how I merged my work experience and education in a way that is making a difference.

Episode Description

I loved chatting with Latoya Leslie recently about how she has managed to combine technology with social good (it CAN be done!).

We also talked about graduating college back in the Great Recession and how that impacted the beginning of our careers. I know I had to move back in with my parents, and so many young adults (and not so young adults) are doing the same now.

We also talked about how we’ve managed to “find our voices” through podcasting.

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