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Happy New Month - May's Affirmations

Hey y’all - Happy New Month. This feels different, in a good way. ☺️ Have you made note of your Positive Affirmations for the month?

I’ve had a restless feeling lately & have slowed down a lot. My brain wants to do more & my body is saying “just chill”. I decided to do something new & honor this space & feeling that I’m in. So, this month: I welcome the change that May is bringing into my life. I have more than I will ever need & I’m free to do what I want. 🙌🏾✨☺️

I’m deserving of the softness, compassion, companionship, and respect that I give to myself & I welcome it from others. I’m working on balancing my need to produce/create with my need to have fun & enjoy someone’s presence. 🥰🌸💎🙏🏾💚

I welcome new experiences & will be using my discernment to allow someone to experience me. 👏🏾👏🏾🖤

With love,


#newmonthenergy #beblessed #stayinspired

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