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Pay Me For My Time featuring Racquel Coral

This feels special. Sometimes the Universe conspires to align you with the people you need at exactly the right time. This is one of those times.

Yesterday morning I did my usual morning routine, which always starts with a Prayer. I then found myself on Twitter. I've been working on not checking social media in the morning, so this was odd. The first tweet I saw was from Racquel Coral. I was not following Racquel, but somehow her tweet was RT'd on my timeline. This seemed to happen fortuitously, but I know how the universe has been working in my life - this was NOT by chance or just "luck".

Racquel shared that she applied to a job a month ago and was NOT selected. What happened next is rare - Racquel was contacted by the company and was offered a stipend for her time! Why does this fascinate me? CandShout.

I'm building CandShout to amplify voices. To ensure frustrated job applicants can have their voices be heard. CandShout also allows job seekers to champion social causes they care about. Companies rarely "give back" to candidates for their time spent applying. Receiving a stipend speaks volumes about the values, brand, and culture at the Company. I know many companies will not offer a stipend, but perhaps, they can easily support a charity or social cause of the candidate. Racquel's tweet and the responses proves that many candidates are ready to be "Paid For My Time".

Racquel explains this best, so here is her story - Pay Me For My Time. You can find her on Twitter and IG as well. Please support and show her some love.

With love,


Post image: Colin Watts via Unsplash.

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